Electricians identify a 20 amp breaker that has gone bad and replace it.

Cost to install 200 amp electrical panel.

The average cost will be between 1500$ and 3000$. Let us walk you through the basic installation steps:

Step 1: How to check the size of your existing electrical panel

 In most cases electrical panel located in basement or sometimes in garage. Electrical panels have main breaker with a number. If your panel is 100 amp the main breaker will have two numbers “100”for each  phase. Sometimes homeowners get confuse and may think two “100”makes it a 200 amp service, but it only means each hot conductor able to carry 100 amps current. Older fuse panels usually will have a 100 switch disconnect with two 100 amp fuses.     

2: Electrical service size.

Most houses have 100 or 200 amp electrical service. The more amperage you have the more electrical devices you can safely use at the same moment. For example using stove, dryer and air conditioner together may draw up to 70-80 amps. This means that when you planing to add new electrical equipment to the house you should consider your electrical service size. Hot tub or sauna require 50 or 60 amp circuit breaker, which means that electrical current is 40 or 48 amp, this is because continuous load must not exceed 80% of circuit breaker capacity. Most house Electrical car chargers will draw current of 32, 40 or 48 amp. All this means that in most cases if you considering to add a sauna, hot tub, EV changer or second basement rental unit you will have to upgrade electrical service to 200 amp. Electrical service is electrical conductors coming to your house from outdoor electrical distribution equipment, electrical service also includes meter base, pipe mast or PVC pipes. Electrical conductor may come to your house from overhead electrical line, this calls “overhead electrical service and can be usually find in older neighborhoods. Homes in newer areas mostly have underground electrical services , which means house is fed through the underground electrical cable.

Step 3: Price difference between overhead and underground electrical service upgrade.

Meanwhile final price can be only determined after our licensed electrician visit job site. But usually upgrading overhead electrical service cost 20-30% more then upgrading underground electrical service, this is due to materials and labor difference. Also keep in mind that some electrical distribution companies charge fee for power disconnection, for example Toronto Hydro charges 300$ for meter pull and for 700$ disconnecting from overhead line or underground transformer.

Step 4: Obtain an electrical permit and inspection

You will need to hire a licensed electrical contractor who will apply for an electrical permit and handle all paperwork . After the job is done electrician will call Electrical Safety Authority for the final inspection, once inspection is completed you get certificate of inspection. After job is complited you can connect additional electrical equipment .

In ON Energy we have a team of professional and licensed electricians who will help you with your electrical panel upgrade. We provide free estimate and serving all GTA.

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